Love and Loss Poetry

I have a special relationship with poetry surrounding the themes of “Love” and “Loss”. Now, that may sound like a strange sentence, but it’s a strange place I need to be in, to access the emotions necessary to create this style of poetry and make it effective. This isn’t the sort of thing that is easy for me to sit down and muster up. I find for myself, I need to be in a bit of an emotional wreck, to connect with the emotions needed to convey these emotions across to the reader.

For me, this poetry comes easy when I’m feeling loss quite heavily. Loss and love are two of the closest emotions you can feel, we do not often feel loss for a person or object that we have no emotional connection with. Therefore, if you lose what you love, loss will be a part of that coping mechanism and will unfortunately be a huge part of the process that comes after. Loss is not something easily breezed by, we feel it after break-ups and after losing loved ones, amongst other situations too.

Recently, I’ve been able to tune into the emotion of loss as I’ve been experiencing a bit of a gap in my life, reflecting on the passing of my father when I was aged 15. It’s difficult to feel any sense of accomplishment in your achievements, when the people you want to share it with, are no longer with us. I find it a million times harder to feel proud of the things I achieve, so instead, I wrote this poem. I hope you enjoy.



Is my father gone

‘Cause he never believed

Or is he just another son

You’ll continue to keep

Did you let him go

Or did he leave?


I need you to pray for me

My hurt,

Has yet to heal

And these scars

Although inside, are hard to conceal

It’s difficult enough

Not to show how I feel

But inside, I’m at a kneel


I’ve been looking at old photograph’s

And I can run my fingers over faces

But there’s no way to

To go back to those places

With you

Lingering on to traces

Now just a man that pace’s


There’s a hole within me

‘Cause now I’m missing a part

And I feel so angry

How dare you depart?

Is life this unfair?

No time to complete your fresh start

You have not abandoned my heart


I know I was born here

Now it doesn’t feel like home

Just sit and smoke a cigarette

‘Cause when in Rome

Right Dad?

Remember my first hairspray and comb?

Irony is, I’m now weak Styrofoam


My strength is indeed small

How can you save me?

I need to get away

Whisk me away on your green Harley

Even if it was sold when I was 3

I’d give everything for one afternoon

With you, care-free


Why aren’t you sat

In the spot in front of the TV

Speaking to both of your children

And the grand-child to be

Oh, what I’d give

To know that you can see

You’re the one driving me to be


I have not abandoned your heart

So don’t you abandon mine

Don’t think it’s rude that

I will not build you a shrine

It’s just that to me

You always had a shine

That’s brighter, in this head of mine

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