A light at the end

Welcome to another blog post looking at mental health and poetry! If you’ve read some of my more recent posts, you’ll know that I (not unlike a lot of people out there) have been struggling and battling my own inner demons and my own mental health issues. It is a monumental up-hill battle most days, if not, definitely most weeks. Of course, these issues come with their ups as well. Sure, depression is a heartless and cruel mistress, but it is in no way the end, and it is in no way entirely soul destroying and crushing.

I for one, have moments, days, even weeks at a time where things look up, everything goes right and falls straight into place and leaves me feeling warm, humbled, happy and grateful. It’s times like these where some of my more positive poetry comes from. It’s when I’ve had the time and willingness to look after myself, strive for some personal goals and actually get out and enjoy some of life’s little joys.

Currently running with wind in my hair from a positive week, I wanted to share another piece of my poetry with you all. Hopefully this resonates with some of you on a personal level, if it does, you are who this is written for.

Thank you!

Open the Door

It’s a knock at the door

It’s a ring-ring of a telephone

It’s a missed call from a loved one

It’s a notification on your phone


You could answer the phone

Check that notification

Or even open the door

But what is there waiting


Is it sorrow dressed as joy

Is it darkness shrouded in love

Is it best left unanswered

Or is it all of the above


It’s a bus journey to see old friends

It’s getting out of bed

It’s working and still doing more

It’s getting yourself dressed and fed


You could muster up energy

You could prepare the night before

You can work out in the mornings

But what’s it all for?


Is there a reason

Is there a desire

Is there a passion

Is there a fire


One day there will be

It might not be tomorrow

It might not be next week

But there’s an end to this sorrow

It may last a day

It could last a month

Don’t ever be afraid

To let down your front


Let those that are close, in

And get up off the floor

We all need love and help

Even just to open the door

2 Replies to “A light at the end”

  1. Yes, get up, get on and get going. When I’m “just not feeling it” I like to remember those wonderful, strong, brave and enduring pensioners…those who as children lived with war, whose parents often had to evacuate them for their safety-not knowing if or when they’d meet again. Like my mom and her own mom…every day they got up, worked hard, literally put on a brave face and went out to whatever lay in front of them. I don’t think I ever heard any of them moaning, complaining or cursing. Wow, what an amazing couple of generations. They are the folk to be admired and idolised. If they endured all that for us then I’m grateful and therefore I can get up and do anything. Anything.


  2. This is a lovely poem and resonates with me and I’m sure a lot of people!
    One day, you’ll be able to have a bad day without any fear that it’s a sign you’re getting bad again ❤️

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