The hiatus is over!

So, it’s been a while since I last updated my blog and I can just tell you guys are all itching to ask me the question “why the hiatus?”, so let me give you some behind-the-scenes on what’s been going on in my world, where I’ve been and why there hasn’t been much creativity (there’s been copious amounts of coffee as normal).

Those that know me well, will know that I’ve struggled with a plethora of health issues throughout my life, and have been running through a relapse of my depression and anxiety over the past 12 months. This has made getting out to coffee shops near impossible whilst I’ve worked and tried to maintain a normal life and routine. It’s also completely drained me of motivation, joy and passion that I used to create my poetry. This has been an immense struggle and something I knew I needed to address before continuing on my creative journey to bring you caffeine and poetry lovers some great content. I’ve been in between jobs and finally got out of a toxic work environment, made closer connections with friends, made new friends and made the first steps (more like strides!) towards an entire new career path.

Moving swiftly onwards, I am now in a much better, more productive, happier place and cannot wait to get my fingertips hammering away at my keyboard once more. I’d like to wrap this up with one of the few poems I’ve managed to write from the dark place my mind has been in. I am working on a poetry anthology right now that this would be a part of. It’s aim will be to raise awareness and empathy within people who do not struggle with mental health issues, to help them realise when friends and family are in need, but feel that they cannot reach out to anyone. More on that in the future though, it’s great to be back and I hope you feel the same!


When the day is done

You’ll be lying here until the day’s done

Asking, what the hell is recreation?

Feeling no love, care or celebration

Is the day done…

Every word hits like ammunition

Rumbling your world, heavy vibration

Searching everywhere for inspiration

Or motivation…

Marching forward unto salvation

Trying to feel a little sensation

Fighting off the awful temptation

Looking for redemption…

Fighting past aberration

Remembering your aspiration

But now you’ve got this fixation

An inclination…

See yourself as the abomination

“I’m the only one in this situation”

No one wants the communication

You’re only looking for consolidation…

Approach everything with trepidation

Easy things are tough like respiration

Feels pretty close to suffocation

Your termination…

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