Acrostic Poetry

Ever since I first discovered my passion for language and writing, poetry had always been my favourite form of written expression. At school, when we were taught poetry, the first form we studied had been Acrostic, and I adored it! Largely due to how minimalistic and simple, yet elegant these poems can appear when they are down on a page. They are easy to read and fun to read. They can engage anyone, no matter how interested they are in poetry, because it is art. It’s been a while since I’ve written any Acrostic poetry, as I tend to favour four line stanza’s and enjoy a good rhyming scheme! However, I’ve written two Acrostic’s this week on two very important topics.

The first of my poems is based on the word Prejudice (I know, deep, ay!?) This topic is important because thousands, if not millions of people face prejudice in their daily lives. It should not have been tolerated at any point throughout history and it certainly is not tolerable today, yet still people are categorised, belittled and bullied for outrageous differences between us, when we are all just humans.


Ruptures out of old fashioned mouths

Eats at the self-esteem of those not needing the pain

Justified by bigots, fascists and “traditionalists”

Undermines the democratic belief our country holds dear

Deepens societies underlying divides

Is as unnecessary now, as it ever has been

Countless continual categories, each lined with slurs

Endured by millions on a day-to-day basis


My second poem is on a much lighter note, yet another big importance in my life. It’s about meditation, in a sense of reflection, rest and peacefulness. I’ve focused on the words Calm and Peace. It’s always good to just sit down somewhere quiet (I use my garden on the warmer days!) and think about some of the things in your life that make you happy, things you’ve accomplished recently, or strive to achieve. It’s a great way to de-clutter your mind, relieve any stress or tension in you, and make you feel more content, grateful and peaceful in your life.


Calming, like a quiet, picturesque, blue ocean

Awash with feelings of peace and tranquility

Listening to sweet birds hum, sing and chirp

Mother Natures very own whisper


Amorphous energy surrounding one’s self

New found happiness, in a zen-filled mindset

Deep in thought for family, friends, strangers and the like


Peace will come to those who try to

Endorse the purest pleasure of meditation

And when you’ve released the weight of your burdens

Come and rejoice, as your stress flies freely away

Enjoy your life, spread joy and thank others, we’re all here together.




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