Zen Poetry

A few months ago, I came across a style of poetry called “Zen Poetry”. There a few different variations of Zen Poetry, including poems written by Buddhist monks, poetry that deliberately uses calming, soothing, zen-like words, that do not sound harsh or upset the flow of the poem; and lastly, poetry that makes the reader feel peaceful, or in a zen-like state.

I think this style of poetry reflects myself quite well as I really believe in sharing peace and happiness, what better way to do that than to share a poem that is tailored to soothe and calm the reader. I found this format fascinating as it just accentuates how I already feel about language. Language can be everything from beautiful, to heart-wrenching, to macabre and the idea that deliberately choosing your vocabulary, you can help people achieve some inner peace, some reassurance and a sense of calm in their mind, is amazing to me. That is exactly how the Zen Poetry I had come across, made me feel. I figured if that effect is achievable in such simplistic poetry, hopefully I’d be able to have a good shot at some! So here is my attempt at some Zen Poetry, inspired by a local park that I walk through often.

The grass whispers to me
As the gentle breeze caresses it’s blades
The trees glow a radiant green
In the glistening sun that never fades

A calming trickle of water
Sounds out from the crystalline stream
A small Bluebird sings
And I wonder what his sweet song could mean

The church bell rings
The only indication it’s been another hour
But my time here is not done
Ive not inhaled the aroma of every flower

The time here goes so slow

Where the grass whispers
And the Bluebird sings

The trickling stream calms
And the sunlight never fades

So I sit and think a while
This is bliss. This is peace.
I must have walked a few miles
Yet the happiness does not cease

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