Just Human

Throughout school, I did not seem to enjoy subjects such as Maths and Science. They were too rigid for me, finding the one correct answer was not my style. I much preferred English, being able to explain my answers or being credited on my own personal style of writing. It’s bizarre because, now I’m older I realise how my brain works like that for more than just school work. Not one human being is the same as another. There is not one correct way to be, we’re all our own different individuals. We have our own Morales, priorities, goals and motivators. Any form of prejudice just really grinds my gears, in this day and age it’s not acceptable or even tolerable. So I wrote a poem about it.



Just Human

Outdated now is Creationism,
Absolutism, Classism and Elitism.
Only to be replaced by Liberalism,
Socialism, Marxism and Darwinism.

Why is this world a Mechanism,
That cannot turn without these “isms”
We’ve witnessed horror’s of Sexism,
To new divides in Feminism and Meninism.

Let us all take a few moments of perspectivism.
To put aside Idealism and look at Humanism.
Practice Pacifism and Optimism,
Instead of Specism and Racism.

The world is too fragile for the Romanticism
Around Conventionalism and Authoritarianism
Time to drop bombs on Fascism
To make room to grow our Individualism.

See through this mirage of Prescriptivism
It’s another method to encourage Pessimism.
So the only way to see the Realism
Is to understand this is not Utopianism

I’m sick to death of this Collectivism,
Objectivism and Separationism.
Hell, even sick of the greats; Altruism,
Personalism and Vegetarianism.

Because this suffix, this “ism”
Encourages what I call Labelism
Yet the only label I have is,

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